Orbi for Campus Recruiting: Uncover Tomorrow's Leaders Today

Don't just recruit, recruit smarter with Orbi’s campus recruiting solutions. Access a pool of 130,000+ students for campus hiring and discover your dream candidates more efficiently.

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Your Ultimate Campus Recruitment Platform


24/7 Connection to Academic Talent

Orbi's recruiting campus platform gives you unparalleled, year-round access to students for internships, part-time jobs, and full-time roles.

Unique Target Groups

Pinpoint Your Ideal Candidates

Fine-tune your campus recruiting efforts by targeting specific majors, colleges, and other academic criteria. Orbi makes campus hiring a precise and efficient process.


Informed Campus Hiring: Real-Time Analytics

Transform your campus recruitment strategies with actionable insights. Use Orbi’s data analytics to adapt and evolve your campus recruiting initiatives.

Features Designed for Campus Recruiting Success

Orbi Booster: Be The First They See

Place your job ads where they matter most, at the top of students' dashboards, through Orbi Booster, part of our comprehensive campus recruitment solutions.

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Orbi Insight: Data-Driven Campus Recruiting

Orbi Insight provides real-time data to enhance your campus recruiting strategies, from student behaviors to application trends.

Orbi Connect: Beyond Campus Hiring, Build Relationships

Orbi Connect enables you to forge enduring partnerships with student organizations, amplifying your campus recruiting reach.

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How Orbi Works for Campus Recruitment


Create a Company Profile

Describe your organizational culture, perks, and what makes you stand out in the market.

Set Your Recruitment Criteria

Use our recruiting campus tools to specify the roles, degrees, and experience levels you're after.

Post Campus Job Ads

Include all the relevant details to attract the right academic talent.

Engage with Campus Communities

Utilize Orbi Connect to attend campus fairs, panel discussions, and networking events.

Track Your Campus Recruiting Progress

Monitor your KPIs using Orbi Insight's robust analytics suite.

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