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2 min read

Gen Z: Personal development more important than high salary

We've gathered data on what young talents look for in their potential employers after graduation. The elusive Generation Z audience is at the very...

1 min read

Survey says filling summer vacancies in may is too late. Here's the solution.

With summer around the corner, many of us look forward to well-deserved time off. Make sure your organisation keeps running smoothly and stress-free...

Three girls, indoors, having a good time, holding a cake with candles in it.

1 min read

Make your Valborg event the best yet!

April is here, and we know what that means; Valborg is coming! This weekend will be full of parties and events, so make sure your event runs smoothly!

2 min read

What makes Orbi a great developer workplace?

We sat down for a quick chat with one of our front-end developers to try to figure out what makes Orbi stand out as a great employer. Meet Emil...

2 min read

Hiring top university talent in a new digital era

Gone are the days when students were active in job-hunting groups on Facebook. And as a recruiter, you should take notice. Finding skilled workers...


Orbi links university students with student associations and businesses. Students can keep track of their student life. Associations get an easier, smarter and more profitable way of reaching students. And businesses reach relevant candidates more accurately and cost-efficiently.

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