Orbi's College Recruiting Software: Your Gateway to Emerging Talent

Discover the future leaders of your industry with Orbi's college recruitment software. Get 24/7 access to a vast pool of college students and connect with the right candidates efficiently.

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Leverage Orbi's College Recruiting Tools


24/7 Access to College Talent

Orbi's campus recruitment system enables you to engage with college students year-round for part-time roles, internships, and even project-based work.

Unique Target Groups

Precision in Recruitment: Zeroing in on the Right Candidates

Orbi's college recruiting software allows you to target specific schools, majors, and academic achievements. Focus on the right candidates and avoid sorting through irrelevant applications.


Data-Driven Campus Recruitment: Track, Measure, Succeeds

Make the most out of your recruiting efforts with Orbi's college recruiting tools. Monitor the performance of your job listings and tailor your strategies based on real-time analytics.

Features in the Orbi Campus Recruitment System

Orbi Booster: Optimal College Visibility

Boost your job postings with Orbi Booster, and appear as the first listing that college students see when they log in, ensuring maximum impact.

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Orbi Insight: Unlock Campus Trends

Gain valuable insights on college student behavior, preferences, and engagement metrics with Orbi Insight, an integral part of our campus recruitment system.

Orbi Connect: Building Lasting Campus Partnerships

Orbi Connect extends your college recruitment efforts beyond job postings, enabling you to build partnerships with student organizations and academic institutions.

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How Orbi's College Recruitment Software Works


Create Your Company Profile

Describe your company’s mission, vision, and unique selling points.

Define Your Target Audience

Use Orbi's campus recruitment system to select the educational fields and job positions you want to advertise.

Post Your Job Listings

Add detailed descriptions and qualifications to attract top college talent.

Participate in Campus Activities

Use Orbi Connect to partner with college clubs, societies, and career fairs.

Analyze the Impact

Utilize the advanced analytics provided by Orbi's college recruiting tools to continually refine your approach.

Book a Demo Today

Upgrade your college recruiting strategy with Orbi. Book a demo and find out how our college recruitment software can help you find the right talent for your organization.