Hire Graduates the Smart Way with Orbi: Unleash the Potential of New Talent

When it comes to hiring fresh talent, graduates offer a unique blend of enthusiasm, up-to-date knowledge, and potential for growth. Orbi simplifies the process to hire graduates, ensuring you connect with the best candidates who are eager to contribute to your business success. Orbi provides you the tools you need for recruiting graduates effectively.

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Recruiting Graduates: Your Gateway to Innovation and Fresh Perspectives


Advanced Talent Pool at Your Fingertips

Orbi's robust platform offers you a direct connection to a highly-qualified talent pool of graduates. Whether you're in the tech industry, healthcare, or finance, you can source candidates from a pool of 130,000 (and growing) that perfectly match your job requirements.

Unique Target Groups

Tailored Solutions for Companies Looking to Hire Graduates

Our platform allows you to set detailed criteria, ensuring that when you're recruiting graduates, you're only viewing candidates who meet your specific qualifications. Whether you’re looking for tech-savvy innovators or enthusiastic creatives, Orbi helps you hire graduates with precision.


Measure, Analyze, Improve: Data-Driven Strategies to Hire Graduates

Orbi offers analytics and metrics designed specifically to improve your strategies when you're recruiting graduates. These insights help you understand where you excel and where you might need to adapt your tactics for hiring graduates more effectively.

Orbi's Features Tailored for Those Who Hire Graduates

Orbi Booster: Amplify Your Reach When You're Hiring Graduates

Use Orbi Booster to ensure your job ads get premium placement, increasing their visibility among fresh graduates. This feature is especially beneficial when you aim to hire graduates who are active and looking for immediate opportunities.

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Orbi Insight: Your Dashboard for Recruiting Graduates

With real-time analytics, you'll have an in-depth understanding of how your campaigns for hiring graduates are performing. Orbi Insight allows you to adapt your strategies, optimizing for better results in recruiting graduates.

Orbi Connect: Networking Beyond Just Hiring Graduates

Orbi Connect extends your engagement with the academic community, allowing you to not just hire graduates but to build long-term relationships that can lead to internship programs, project collaborations, and more.

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How to Use Orbi to Hire Graduates


Create a Profile

Showcase your company’s culture, perks, and growth opportunities.

Set Criteria

Specify the type of graduates you’re interested in recruiting.

Post Jobs

Share job requirements and a direct link to your application process.

Engage Through Campus Events

Utilize Orbi Connect to market your brand directly to students.

Analyze and Adapt

Review real-time metrics to optimize your strategies for hiring graduates.

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Don’t miss out on the fresh talent that could drive your company forward. Book a demo with Orbi today and discover how we can optimize your strategies to hire graduates effectively.