Our story

Orbi has evolved from an idea to a thriving app that now serves students across the Nordic countries. By remaining dedicated to adapting to the ever-evolving digital landscape, the platform continues to grow.

Adapting to the changing landscape

Orbi represents a pioneering solution that emerged in response to the changed internet habits of students. While traditional social media platforms were once the go-to for creating and sharing events, the decline in younger users made it less relevant for event organisers, leaving them with limited options.

Our CEO, David Maars, recognised this shift and saw a gap in the market. He envisioned the significance of connecting students and making them able to see and attend campus events in a simple way. Inspired by this realisation, Orbi was born - a simple and easily accessible app that gathers all campus events in one place, simplifies event planning, and provides students with a seamless experience in finding and attending events. Along the way, the career tool was also successfully developed as a part of Orbi, providing students with an opportunity to explore various career avenues.

In this ever-evolving digital era, Orbi is committed to remaining at the forefront of connectivity and relevance with our mission to digitalise the whole student experience. We constantly adapt our platform to meet the dynamic nature of digital habits. As we expand internationally and venture into new territories, we are excited to collaborate with students, educational institutions, and businesses to create a thriving ecosystem that enriches the lives of students and propels them towards success.

The amazing Orbi team


The Orbi way

Orbi embodies a set of values that shape our mindset. We're accountable, meaning we take ownership of our actions and strive to deliver on our promises. We're rebellious, always pushing the boundaries and challenging the status quo. We’re explorers, as we thrive on curiosity and are constantly searching for innovative solutions. We’re efficient in finding ways to streamline processes and maximize productivity. Finally, We’re equal as we believe in treating everyone with respect, valuing diverse perspectives and fostering inclusivity in all aspects of our work.

The Orbi way

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