Student Recruitment Software by Orbi: The Next-Gen Solution

The future of student recruitment is digital. Orbi's student recruitment software takes you where you need to be, offering 24/7 access to a plethora of university students, allowing you to scout the best and the brightest.

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Employing Students with Orbi's Student Recruitment System


24/7 Access to Student Talent

Our student recruitment system provides consistent, around-the-clock access to diverse student populations, simplifying your process of employing students for internships, projects, or part-time roles.

Unique Target Groups

Targeted Recruitment: Where Accuracy Meets Efficiency

With Orbi’s student recruitment software, you can segment your audience by major, academic standing, and institution. This allows you to achieve an optimized recruitment strategy, emphasizing quality over quantity.


Analyze Your Success: Data-Driven Insights

Harness the capabilities of Orbi’s student recruitment solutions to gather insightful data, from student engagement rates to application quality. Use these data points to continually refine your recruitment approach.

Specialized Features for Optimal Results

Orbi Booster: Amplify Your Reach

Orbi Booster ensures your job postings are the first thing students see, offering unparalleled visibility and engagement metrics.

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Orbi Insight: A Window into Student Behavior

Dive deep into student demographics, engagement, and other key metrics. Our student recruitment system equips you with actionable insights.

Orbi Connect: Beyond Recruitment

With Orbi Connect, you're not just employing students; you're building long-term relationships and networking within the academic community.

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How Orbi's Student Recruitment Solutions Works for You


Create a Profile

Define your company culture, target industries, and key attributes.

Select Your Ideal Candidates

Use our student recruitment system to specify academic fields and job types.

Advertise Opportunities

Share job and internship listings that speak to your chosen academic disciplines.

Join Campus Activities

Build your brand recognition among student bodies and academic associations.

Analyze and Adapt

Make data-driven decisions based on the real-time analytics provided by our student recruitment solutions.

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