Student Recruitment with Orbi: Find Tomorrow's Leaders Today

In a competitive job market, student recruitment is not just about filling roles; it's about investing in future leaders. With Orbi, you can access a wide array of university students 24/7, streamlining your student recruitment process, making it both efficient and effective.

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Student Recruitment in University with Orbi


Be Present in Academia, 24/7

Orbi provides constant connectivity to students across various disciplines. Employing students for internships, part-time jobs, or project collaborations has never been easier. Market your brand and build a pipeline of qualified talent for future recruitment.

Unique Target Groups

Smart Segmentation: Relevance is Key

Orbi allows you to narrow down your target audience by major, academic level, or university. Gain applications that resonate with your company's mission and goals, focusing on quality over quantity.


Data-Driven Student Recruitment: Track, Learn, Succeed

Stay ahead with real-time analytics that measure the effectiveness of your student recruitment strategies. Leverage valuable data to refine your approaches and reach the right talent.

Features Designed for Your Success

Orbi Booster: Engage Directly with University Life

Promote your brand through university-specific campaigns, reaching students where they are most active. With Orbi Campus, you can expect up to 400,000 impressions per week, backed by robust data analysis tools.

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Orbi Insight: A Deep Dive into Academic Metrics

Orbi Scholar offers academic-specific analytics, helping you understand the educational backgrounds and aspirations of your target students. Customize your student recruitment strategies accordingly.

Orbi Connect: Build Campus Partnerships

Strengthen your brand by partnering with university departments, student organizations, and academic events. Through Orbi Outreach, you’re not just employing students; you're fostering long-term relationships within the academic community.

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How Orbi Works for Those Focused on Student Recruitment


Create a University-Specific Profile

Highlight your company’s culture, size, and industry focus.

Set Your Recruitment Criteria

Choose the academic fields that align with your organizational needs.

Post Academic Opportunities

Provide detailed descriptions for internships, part-time roles, or projects.

Engage in Campus Events

Leverage the power of Orbi Outreach to build brand recognition among students.

Access Advanced Analytics

Track the ROI of your student recruitment campaigns in real-time.

Book a Demo Today

Seize the opportunity to lead in student recruitment. Book a demo with Orbi to explore how we can revolutionize your approach to employing students from universities.