University Recruiting with Orbi: Bringing Industry and Academia Closer

With a unique mix of fresh perspectives and burgeoning talent, university students are a crucial demographic for any organization. Orbi facilitates seamless university recruiting, allowing you to connect directly with students who are ready to jump start their careers.

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University Student Recruitment: Shaping the Leaders of Tomorrow


Access to Students, 24/7

Orbi provides you with the ideal platform for effective university student recruitment. Our features are tailored to meet the unique needs that come with recruiting from an academic setting, ensuring your company has access to top-tier talent year-round.

Unique Target Groups

Navigating the Campus: Strategic University Recruiting

If you're looking to target specific schools or programs, Orbi offers specialized tools for university recruiting that help you focus on the most relevant talent pools. You can filter candidates based on their university, department, and geographical location, ensuring a match that benefits both employer and student.


Analytics in University Recruiting: Drive Better Decisions

With Orbi, you get actionable insights designed specifically for university student recruitment. Track how well your campaigns are doing and adapt your approach to meet your recruiting needs effectively.

Orbi's Features for University Recruiting

Orbi Booster: A Powerhouse for University Student Recruitment

Use Orbi Booster to ensure that your job postings appear prominently in front of university students, increasing your chances of attracting the best and brightest.

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Orbi Insight: A New Level of Transparency in University Recruiting

Obtain real-time analytics that shed light on your university recruiting effectiveness. Understand the demographics of your audience and adjust your targeting criteria for improved results in university student recruitment.

Orbi Connect: Beyond University Student Recruitment

Orbi Connect extends your reach into the academic community, offering partnerships with university bodies and associations. This feature is an excellent way to supplement your university recruiting efforts, helping you create a lasting impression among students.

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How to Leverage Orbi for University Recruiting


Create a Company Profile

Share what makes your organization a great fit for university students.

Select Target Universities

Tailor your university student recruitment strategy by selecting particular schools or programs.

Post Job Listings

Clearly outline the skills and qualifications you are seeking.

Campus Events

Use Orbi Connect to host or participate in events that will make your brand resonate with university students.

Analyze and Adapt

Use analytics to refine your university recruiting strategies over time.

Book a Demo Today

Take the first step toward more effective university student recruitment. Book a demo with Orbi and experience firsthand how our platform can elevate your university recruiting strategies.