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Reach out to the upcoming talent of today and take your university recruitment to the next level. Engage with a growing community of over 130,000 students on the Orbi app and build your brand, attract exceptional talent, and establish your organisation as a truly sought-after employer.


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University recruitment with Orbi


24/7 access to students

Be accessible to the next wave of talent 24/7, 365 days a year. Enhance your brand visibility, gain followers, and secure quality leads for future recruitment initiatives. Recruit students for part-time and full-time roles, summer jobs, internships, and thesis projects.

Unique Target Groups

Targeted outreach

Customise your job posts and company profile by academic focus, institution, and type of position. Our algorithm aligns your preferences with those of students to ensure you receive high-quality, relevant interactions and applications.


Data-driven insights

Orbi collects in-depth data, including profile visits, interactions with job postings, and company profile views, segmented by location and academic focus. Leverage this data to make informed decisions and continually optimise your recruitment and branding strategies.

Find a plan that suits you


2 100 SEK

/ month billed annually.


  • 1 user
  • 1 subject
  • Up to 2 locations
  • 1 job post
  • 1 perk
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4 200 SEK

/ month billed annually.


  • Up to 5 users
  • Up to 5 subjects
  • Up to 5 locations
  • Up to 5 job posts
  • 1 Insight Dashboard
  • Up to 3 perks
  • 1 day with Booster


8 350 SEK

/ month billed annually.


  • Up to 10 users
  • Up to 10 subjects
  • Up to 10 locations
  • Up to 10 job advertisements
  • 1 Insight Dashboard
  • Up to 3 perks
  • 1 day with Booster





  • Unlimited users
  • Custom subjects
  • Custom locations
  • Custom job advertisements
  • Custom dashboard
  • Custom perks
  • Custom Booster

Features of Orbi

Create job posts

Create detailed job postings targeting your desired academic fields with Orbi Jobs. Whether it's for a full-time role, part-time job, internship, summer job, or thesis project, Orbi empowers your university recruitment and helps you reach your specific target groups effectively. Attract specific talent with tailored job postings. Describe the position and location, specify required qualifications, and indicate what type of employment it is. Set a total or a daily budget (or both), and receive in-depth insights on the results.

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Boost your visibility

Publish job postings, student discounts, employer branding communication, and more on an ad space that is impossible to miss with Orbi Booster. The Orbi app homepage gets over 400,000 impressions per week, ensuring your message is able to reach the students you want to see all over the Nordics. Every single impression, along with CTR, is tracked; learn from which university and which program each impression originates.

Participate in on-campus events

Form long-lasting partnerships by collaborating with student organisations for events, sponsorships, and more with Orbi Connect. Connect year after year through the same portal, ensuring you're always in touch with the right people at the right time. Search, negotiate, and connect with associations on campus. Participate and give guest lectures at exhibitions, lunch lectures, and case studies; enter a partnership with an association, sponsor an event, or create something completely different tailored for you and the association.

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Get real-time data on all interactions

Utilise real-time analytics to inform your decision-making process with Orbi Insight. Understand not only the demographics of your visitors but also their behaviour, interaction rates, and more. Are they scrolling past your job postings, or are they clicking through to read more? Are they sharing your opportunities within their networks? All this data is at your fingertips, empowering you to adapt your strategies for optimum engagement and recruitment.

Create tailored company profiles

Give students a deep insight into your world, who you are, and what you do. Create multiple versions of your company page for different target groups to show what it's like to work at your company, what perks you offer, where you are, the size of your company, and more. Creating tailored messaging for the different target groups ensures you are communicating with them the most important information.

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What are students seeking in an employer?

The priorities of students of today have changed considerably. In order to resonate with them, it's crucial to highlight your company's uniqueness, and provide a workspace and culture that resonates with them:

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Sense of purpose

More than just a paycheck, young professionals are seeking roles that offer a deeper sense of purpose. They're motivated by the lasting impact they can make in the world.

Equitable compensation

The upcoming young professionals are more keen on receiving pay that reflects their skills and contributions. They know their worth, and they will push for fair compensation.

Defined goals and expectations

Millennials and Gen Z value clear communication, particularly when it comes to job expectations and performance metrics. Knowing precisely what's expected helps them excel and contributes to better overall business results.

Holistic well-being

Unlike baby boomers, Millennials place a higher premium on work-life balance. They're looking for workplaces that prioritise mental and emotional well-being, not just the bottom line.

Inclusivity and diversity

Having grown up in increasingly diverse environments, younger generations place a great emphasis on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). These aren't just buzzwords for them; they're non-negotiable elements that are integral to their identity and worldview.

How Orbi makes your life easier

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For HR Directors

Turn employer branding into a measurable asset. Use Orbi's analytics to focus your efforts on the most impactful activities and smartly allocate resources. Keep track of on-campus activities to ensure you're investing where it matters most.

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For Employer Brand Specialist

Unify your reach and messaging across multiple channels. With Orbi, you can engage over 130,000 students through a single platform, creating a continuous digital presence for your employer brand across all universities.

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For Talent Acquisition Manager

Zero in on the candidates you really want without the administrative overload. Why invest in broad candidate pools when you can connect directly with the students who meet your specific criteria? With Orbi, get quality over quantity in your recruitment efforts.

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Don't just take our word for it 


"Orbi is a great complement to our physical presence at educational institutions, offering us the opportunity always to be close at hand to showcase what we provide to students both during and after their studies. We also have the ability to target the content to our audience, ensuring that our offerings align with the student's focus and that our Employer Brand remains strong."


Dennis Hedebrand 
HR-Specialist Employer Branding



"The solution Orbi provides is more like a sniper rifle than a shotgun!"


Åsa Björnemark
President at VECTOR Sweden



"If you as a company want to reach out to many students at the country's colleges and universities smoothly and easily, Orbi is the right partner for collaboration!"


Åsa Grehn 



"At HemoCue, we are always looking to attract new talents who bring fresh perspectives and innovative ideas. In an effort to build long-term relationships and find our dream candidates, we joined the Orbi platform, giving us the perfect way of connecting with the next generation of talent. By essentially having an online exhibition of our brand in the Orbi app, we are able to build new and exciting connections with possible candidates all around Sweden." 


Sara Starfelt 
HR-Business Partner  



"The collaboration with Orbi makes it possible for NEKTAB to get in touch with students we otherwise wouldn't have reached. Orbis' platform helps us recruit tomorrow's power consultants."


Hanna Erixon 
Communication & Sustainability officer