Lars Lööf

Hi there! As a marketer at Orbi, I promote innovative initiatives in the education and employer branding sector. With my experience as a university alumnus, I hope to provide a relevant perspective into the exciting things happening at Orbi. Through writing, recording, and strategic communication, I aim to spread the word about the work we do and help others discover us.

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Gen Z: Personal development more important than high salary

We've gathered data on what young talents look for in their potential employers after graduation. The elusive Generation Z audience is at the very...

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What makes Orbi a great developer workplace?

We sat down for a quick chat with one of our front-end developers to try to figure out what makes Orbi stand out as a great employer. Meet Emil...

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Hiring top university talent in a new digital era

Gone are the days when students were active in job-hunting groups on Facebook. And as a recruiter, you should take notice. Finding skilled workers...